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Teddi Wolff

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:25 pm    Post subject: GREEN TEAM PLANNING MEETING March 11, 2017 Reply with quote

We had an excellent turn-out for our 1st meeting of 2017, and on a snowy, cold day, no less! Seventeen showed up for the meeting which was held Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 10:30 - noon at the Community Building. A BIG THANK YOU to Terry Hoog who donated his time and pizza ingredients to grill us his famous St. Louis-style pizzas for lunch.

After a quick group photo, we had a lively business meeting. First order of business was to set work dates for our Green Team's spring clean-up. Following is the schedule for the work dates. I will be sending out reminders ahead of each work date, with additional details as needed.
1. Saturday, April 1, 10 am to noon (Sunday, April 2, 1-3 pm as back-up date if weather is bad on Saturday). Meet at the Community Garden next to 126 N Shore.
2. Saturday, April 8, 9-11 am. Meet at South Park.
3. Saturday, April 22, 10 am to noon (Sunday, April 23, 1-3 pm as back-up date if weather is bad on Saturday). Meet at Community Building.
4. Saturday, May 13 (in conjunction with the community clean-up). Meet at the dam for work assignments.
5. Saturday, June 24, 9-11 am (Sunday, June 25, 1-3 pm as back-up date). Meet at the Community Building.

Notes from the meeting:
*Welcome to all the returning members of the Green Team and new member Janie Zelfer! Deborah Young, who couldn't attend this meeting, has also indicated she would like to join the Green Team.
*Sallie Rudd (owner Homestead Landscaping, not able to attend today's meeting)) emailed Teddi W. to let her know that Sallie and her workers will address any landscaping and maintenance of the 1100 block 'island'. Thanks Sallie!!
*In addition to our usual areas around the lake that we maintain, Bill R. suggests other areas we could address would be the cove between the 300-400 blocks and the area along the road between the 500-600 blocks. He also wants to address the ravine next to 751 but that may require Men's Club initially.
*Pete G. has harvested 2.5 gal pails of zinnia seeds and suggests Green Team sow the seeds at various locations around the community to provide color.
*Bill R. also has several 4-6 ft. tall red bud and burr oak trees that were donated by Platte County Parks Dept. and he has raised in his garden below the dam. He would like to get these planted somewhere around the community. He will consult with Ed Landis on appropriate locations. Once the trees are planted, he would like Green Team to commit to keeping the trees watered and the deer away from the trees.
*Les Petersen informed the group that Alderwoman Debora Hankinson (City Council Parks Chair) is planning a dedication of our community walking trail that will be completed with money from a Platte County Parks grant. She plans to have the county commissioner(s) attending this event. Date selected coincides with National Trails Day which is Saturday, June 3. Tentative plans are for Green Team to have a crafts fair and native plant sale in conjunction with this event. Will need to coordinate with Robin Banes regards date for the Community Garage Sale which usually also is the 1st weekend in June.
*Sandi G. showed us a book that she has obtained, Native Plants of the Midwest, by Alan Branhagen (he is affiliated with Powell Garden). Sandi also suggested that our Green Team consider attending some of the events offered by Powell Gardens (maybe rent a bus if the group is large enough).
*Teddi W. solicited input from the attendees on how to encourage more Green Team involvement from the community. Several suggestions were made, including: Children's Garden Club; Children's Adventure Club; Children's Nature Explorers Club; Children's Scavenger Hunt. Thought is that getting kids interested will pull in the parents.
*Bill R. talked about his tree ID project good Eagle Scout project but so far no takers. Suggests we start with ID'ing trees along the walking trail and around the Community Building, then expand from there. Bill hopes to eventually produce a map and/or digital GPS coordinates for our community's trees so we can know how many trees we have, where they're located, their health status, etc. There was a suggestion that the Retirees Club may be a good one to take on the tree ID project. Karen H. recalled the tree ID project of several years ago where Green Team had identifying signage on trees in the community garden next to 126 N Shore, along with posters talking about what each tree contributes to our environment, etc. Karen will coordinate reintroducing this project.
*Bill R. discussed his plans for exhibiting in the Community Building a section from the large chunk of wood that he salvaged from the 200-yr-old tree behind Julie Williams house. The tree fell a few years ago in a storm that did a lot of damage around our lake. Bill has discussed his plans with Terry Hoog (HOA Community Building Committee Chair).
*Sandi G. talked about her upcoming Bat House meeting on Thursday, March 30. She is having Mark McKellar (owner of the Backyard Birds store in Boardwalk) come to talk about the importance of bats (don't be skeered!). This informative talk will be open to all residents and I hope to have a strong presence there from our Green Team members.
*Karen H. showed the Lake Waukomis Relax You're Home decals that are available for sale (proceeds go to Green Team activities around the community). Contact Karen if you'd like to purchase.

Thanks again for attending the meeting and for your active participation! I think this will be a great year for Green Team activities and I'm especially excited to have Green Team participate in the trail dedication on June 3rd. Also excited to get a children's club off the ground to hopefully draw more of our community into Green Team activities and volunteerism.

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