The President's Corner

By Jim Hopper, Association President

As the year 2017 nears its end, it is only natural to reflect on the all-too familiar question: Where did all the time go? During the busy holiday season, it seems easy to reflect on the past and hardly notice the passage of time. But time did pass and during the year, Mother Nature delivered her challenges in the form of harsh weather, downed trees and high water. On the other hand, our community endured the harsh weather and was able to appreciate Mother Nature’s gracious side and the benefits of living in our lake community.

Reality is, the past is the past, and it is time to concern ourselves with the future. Maintenance to shoulders and ditches along our roads and keeping silt basins clean and functional have been and will always be ongoing tasks. For years, the Lake Association has discussed long-term plans to improve our infrastructure within a reasonable period of time and at an affordable cost. The city’s new Operations Manager, Michael Gibbany, is an experienced equipment operator with stormwater knowledge. As a result, the timing is right to move ahead with a long-term plan. Late this month, the Homeowner’s Association purchased a Wacker 38Z3 mini excavator, ‘track hoe’ for short, for the purpose of improving and maintaining our roadway shoulders, ditches and silt basins. Over the next 48 months, our plan is, using only our employees and our equipment, to work our way around the lake to bring shoulders and ditches up to a code that insures proper water flow that protects first tier residents and the roadbed. These improvements will result in some topography changes and require the relocation of some mail boxes. The excavator comes with a dumping trailer to move the machine around and for hauling any debris such as silt away. The equipment will also be used by the city for sewer and water main repairs and where ever else needed.

From your Lake Waukomis Association, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Kris James KulsrudComment