Retirees' Club News - December 2017

At our November meeting, 45 retirees and guests enjoyed a wonderful holiday dinner of ham prepared by Ila Greenlee and accompanied by delicious sides and desserts. Ida Clayton and her band of Elves led us into the Christmas spirit as we sang the carols of Christmas. Afterward, Police Officer Vince McCarty warned us again about scams, especially those where scammers call and say the grandkids need immediate assistance to entice someone to send money. All Retiree officers were re-elected except Secretary Ann Haynie who, due to travel, chose to step aside. Teddi Wolff was elected as Secretary. President Steve closed the meeting with the inspiring story of George Handel, who after failure, depression and bankruptcy, received in the mail from a friend, Old Testament passages that told of the coming of Christ. Handel locked himself in his house, and 24 days later, the Messiah was finished. It’s a real Christmas story!

“Wonderful Winter Holidays” will be the theme of the January 8th meeting (one week later due to New Year’s Day). Members should come ready to share their favorite winter vacation spots, and the stories of vacations, both the “good news and the bad news”. Funny vacation happenings are also welcome. A Vacation Quiz with “hot beverage” gift cards from Friendly Bean Coffee Shop will be on the agenda. We meet at noon in the Community building with a potluck lunch. All retirees are welcome.

Kris James KulsrudComment