Rules and Regulations for Parkways

1) No building or construction of any kind shall be permitted on the Parkway without the written consent of the Association. Any request for construction must be presented to the Board of Directors, accompanied by a drawing with specific dimensions. If the Association grants permission for the construction, the following procedures and regulations will apply:

A. A building permit must be obtained from the City of Lake Waukomis.

B. An agreement must be signed by the requesting party that the structure will be maintained in good appearance and structurally safe. The structure will be inspected annually by the Parkway Committee. Any infraction of this agreement must be resolved within 30 days or the structure must be removed by the owner. Failure to comply will result in the Association having the structure removed at the owners expense.

C. An agreement must be signed which holds harmless the Association for any injury resulting from or caused by the structure placed on the parkway.

D. Seawalls are considered structures on the parkway.

2) Seawalls construction or repair is not the responsibility of the Association. First tier property owners and/or the owners of docks have the primary responsibility for maintaining seawalls and keeping the lakefront clean and mowed in the area adjacent to their property. The initial construction of a seawall requires a City of Lake Waukomis building permit.

3) Tree swings are not allowed on the parkway.

4) Trees shall not be planted or removed without the written consent of the Association.

5) Flowers and small shrubs, not to exceed 30 inches in height, are permitted without Association approval, as long as they do not interfere with or block the walkway. A path must be kept cleared within 10 feet of the shoreline/seawall.

6) Parkways cannot be used for storage of any kind without consent of the Association. Exceptions:


A. Boats only may be stored on lake side parkways under the following conditions:

1. The boat does not create a potentially hazardous condition. (Hazardous conditions includes boats holding water that could breed mosquitoes, boats upside down resting flat on the ground which creates a harbor for rats, snakes, etc., boats placed in an area that presents an obstacle for persons walking on the parkway.) Preferred storage: 8”-10” above ground, upside down.

2. The boat placement does not create an unsightly condition.

3. The boat is seaworthy.

4. The boat is properly licensed for the current year and identified with the owner’s lot and block number.

7) Docks anchored with cables on the parkway must be anchored within 4 feet of the shoreline and anchored in such a manner as to not create a hazard to people walking on the parkway. Anchor post should not exceed a height of 18 inches. (Preferred anchorage: In concrete at level.)

8) Any potentially unsafe condition on the parkway shall be investigated by the Association. The Association will determine responsibility for the unsafe condition and take appropriate action to have it corrected. This would include dead trees, sink holes and obstacles blocking or interfering with the walkway.

Adopted 10-10-95